ICT International PBL

The August's course will have normal lessons that accumulate credits. You can apply following the same application's schedule planned for the first semester that will initiate in April. As the date and location of the Application Guide's meeting will be announced to the new intakes in the orientation, you may be careful not to miss any information.

It is essential for your registration to attend the meeting. The expected students must be belonging to a Master degree course in the Graduate School of Electro-Communications. Two credits are allocated to this course and authorized as a part of credits required for the Graduate School International Program. (For UEC students)

Let's take a new project-based-learning course

This course focuses on PBL (project based learning) where, students from BUPT in China, ICU in Korea and students of UEC, work together in cooperative groups, and try to find a solution to specific problems given by the professors of the three universities who are specialists in the field of ICT (?Information and Communication Technology).

BUPT: Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing, China
ICU: Information and Communications University, Daejeon, Korea
UEC: The University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo, Japan

Objectives of the courses:

  1. To give students an insight into the state-of-the-art technology in the field of ICT.
  2. To give students practical problem-solving knowledge while they are tackling a performance-based project
  3. To give students international collaboration skills while they are working as members of the teams consisting of students from three different countries

Contents of the entire PBL course for 2009

Themes Style Hours allotted to the class Location of the class
Orientation, cross-cultural understanding Lecture and discussions 7.5 hours
(Early August)
Each University
Preliminary lessons on each PBL subject Lecture 7.5 hours
(Late August)
Each University
Assignment to a project 1st group discussion To divide students into groups. Select a team leader. Group meeting 22.5 hours
(Oct. 13-15)
Each University
Internet discussions using Remote Collaboration System Students discuss problems and try to find a solution using the Internet. 30 hours
(Oct. - Dec.)
BUPT, ICU, UEC connected to the Internet.
2nd group discussion.
Evaluation of achievements.
Presentation of their achievement.
Evaluation and award
22.5 hours (Late Dec. or Early Jan.) BUPT

Planned project themes :

(1) Wireless network :
Use wireless network devices made by Sun micro systems (SunSPOTs), create a multi-hop network. Find a network with minimum hops, and with strong interference avoidance capability. Students may use a remotely controlled robot to show their system.

(2) Digital signal processor :
Implement an echo-canceller using a DSP kit made by Texas Instruments (TM320C6713 DSP Starter Kit "DSK"). The stronger the ability of cancellation is, the better the system would be.

Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the following subjects before the beginning of the first class of this course ( August ) .
1. Introduction to wireless communication and Java programming language for Project theme (1).
2. Introduction to digital signal processing and C language for Project theme (2).

Enrollment instructions:
1. This course will give credits to students who have successfully completed the course.
2. This course is open only to Master course students
3. The number of students accepted will be 10.
4. Registration.

If there are too many applicants GPA and TOEFUL/TOEIC results will be used to screen the applicants. An interview might be required for students that have not taken any English proficiency test.

Guidance Course (mandatory attendance):
Date and Place: 12th of February from 18:00 - G Building Classroom 319. In the event that you are unable to attend please write to n.nakajima@hc.uec.ac.jp before 12th of February 18:00 to the Graduate School International Program (Communications management) and indicate why you cannot attend.